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“I would like to thank you for your time and knowledge and for taking an interest in teaching our line of work to others.  Please continue your inspiration and knowledge I do believe it is the key to our next generation of pen checkers. –you taught me a lot of things — gave me confidence to do my job correctly — “

Jacey Kirby   Cattleland Feedyards Ltd.

“Michelle has made it her purpose to thoroughly educate herself about her chosen industry.  She has a deep desire to constantly better herself, and to seek every possible angle to a question.  For this reason, she is most successful as a role model and teacher.  She could illustrate concepts with clear analogies, back them up with accurate information and well-informed opinions, then encourage us to use our own initiative to investigate any unknowns.  — extremely knowledgeable and proactive cattle woman, passionate about the beef industry — “

Tegan Bathgate and Steve Boyton     Clarence Town, Australia

Having come from a cow / calf background into the feedlot industry I feel very fortunate to have had Michelle Welsh’s guidance to show me how to deal with the aspects of livestock in the feedlot environment. She was always fun to be around and showed amazing patience when dealing with confusing issues. She is very passionate about the cattle and feedlot industry,

I found her to be a wealth of information on how and why incoming calves get sick, and how to recognize the difference between calves that are sick and ones that are just depressed from their long trip to the feedlot. When and why they need to be pulled and treated, if they are sick or just unable to compete in the environment they are in. She is very competent on the different

treatments that are used and why the certain ones work well on certain diseases. When post mortems were preformed she was always interested in the results, and took the time to explain them to me. I don’t know where she got the patience to deal

with the computer program, with out her I may have drowned it in the Rose Bud River by now. She always kept me on my toes, and everyday was a test of some kind. I learned a great deal in my time with her. I have a huge deal of respect for her

knowledge of the industry.

Thanks Michelle, I will miss you!! And I hope to see you next year.

- Brenda Wilson Little Fort, BC.

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